Using LinkedIn to Strengthen Employer Brand | Part 5 of 5

The reach of Linkedin as a professional network is growing at a rate of knots. As of November 2011, there were 135 million Linkedin users in over 200 countries across the world (Linkedin, 2011). With such an impressive uptake among professionals, it would be a mistake to neglect this social networking tool within your employer branding strategy. Here are some helpful hints to ensure you reap the rewards in 2012:
  • Create a company Linkedin page: This will provide jobseekers access to your company that is not possible on other social networks. You can attract followers, create a careers section and update your company status (just as you would for your individual account).
  • Join relevant Linkedin groups: This is a great way promote your company as an employer of choice – you can do this passively by contributing to discussions, providing advice and sharing relevant news stories. After a while you will find that interest in your company grows organically as a result.
  • Create a company Linkedin group: Create a group that is aimed at attracting prospective employees, current employees and alumni. Get the conversation flowing by starting interesting discussions. This is a great way to help prospective employees feel a sense of belonging and identity long before the application process begins.
So that’s that. Hopefully these tips will help you boost your employer branding strategy through the use of social media in 2012. Good luck!

About the Author: Catherine Gutsell is the Group Marketing Manager at the CK Group. She is passionate about all things digital, especially when it comes to recruitment and HR practices.

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